Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TMRC 5/12

55 minutes- 4 miles. Blue and I met Honey, Wardo and Joe G with his dog Sonja for an easy run at DD. It is getting pretty hot for dogs so we took it easy. Honey was coming off of her R2R2R run on Sat and was also pretty tired. Took bright angel/NK both ways and it took her and Kirk 15 hours. She said it was pretty hot and they were worked. I guess so, last time we did it it took just about 11+ hrs. Kirk tried to drive home after throwing up for the last 3 hours of the run and was having dry heaves in the car so honey took over. Normally this wouldn't be funny, but if you have done the canyon with Kirk this is par for the course and kind of amusing. Honey is a bigger sucker, she is going back again this weekend to do it again. Doing the overnight trip like the attached picture of our last trip. I am off the Los Alamos NM to do the Jemez 50 miler in the mountains this Sat. See you all tomorrow for WMRC easy run.

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